How To Never Get Poison Ivy Again!!

If you’re like me you get eaten up in Poison Ivy. Working around homes, shank a golf ball into the woods, camping, somewhere it’s going to surface, so this is how to never get poison ivy again.

Tecnu Original Outdoor Poison Ivy Skin Cleanser by Tec Labs is the absolute real deal. It looks like milk but spreads on like suntan lotion, and what it does is completely neutralize and remove the rash causing oil,  Urushiol.

I always apply to my skin 15-20 minutes pre-shower and let it sit, then wash in mildly warm water. My skin usually feels a little oily after, but I never break out after using this.

Save yourself the ITCH! There is nothing like it. Check out Tec Labs website for more information and testimonials.

Tec Labs

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