Refinishing Custom Wood Kitchen Cabinets

calvert painting raleigh cabinets
When refinishing custom wood kitchen cabinets you want to restore them with something extremely durable.

My search for the polyurethane I used to refinish my kitchen table came to an end when I discovered the manufacturer and the “unfinished” furniture store I bought it from both went out of business, so I ended up at Rockwood Ready To Finish Furniture Store in Durham.

calvert painting raleigh stain


Once inside and carrying a cabinet door, the owners took me through a quick demo of the General Finishes (brush on) Wipe On Gel Stains and Old Masters Gel Polyurethane. That was it.

I sanded the water stains out of the wood with 80 grit sandpaper and then smoothed with 100 grit. Then I took a small cheap throw-a-way paint brush and applied the gel stain in small area’s, because when you try to do a large section at one time the stain will set up too fast. Then I rubbed and wiped off the stain with paper towel, let dry and repeated with the gel poly. Great stuff!

calvert painting raleigh cabinet door2 calvert painting raleigh cabinet door 2

Thanks Vicki and Wade.

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